Prayer Requests

April 27, 2009

Hi, I was hoping to receive prayer for guidance and discernment on which career would best suit me as a christian in my new life. I have to admit I still struggle at times with my identity in Christ and hope to learn what my new life will be like and to leave my past life behind. I am thankful for the gift of salvation and for my church family! Thanks, and God Bless!


April 23, 2009

I’m not sure when or if people will read this, but a friend of mine just fell seriously ill. Please pray for him–and especially his loved ones–and that he makes a quick and healthy recovery. Thank you.


April 21, 2009

heyyyyy can u guys pray for my friend she has a really hard life and could use all the prayers possible. thanks

Abbey Sommer

February 5, 2009

I know this may be a waist of a contact… but this is so cool I just had to do it… I love you two so much… you guys are the bestestest!!!!

Samantha Crane

February 04, 2009

Can you please pray that I stay strong. and that I won’t give in anymore. and pray that everything works out in the future. And please pray for my nana she is in a lot of pain.

Samantha Crane

February 04, 2009

I would like to pray for my friend’s dad who is not doing well. he has some stomach problems and already lost 50lbs. his body is shutting down and it’s hard on the family. so please keep them in your prayers.