St. Bart’s Youth Group Testimonies

Youth Sunday 2017 Will Crosby, Caiden Socha and Lucas Sommer

Youth Sunday 2016 Bryan, Jackie and Maddie

Youth Sunday 2015 Autumn Caitlyn Nathan and Alyssa

Youth Sunday 2014 Amanda, Alyssa, Autumn, Caitlyn and Jackie

Youth Sunday 2012 Paul Brylinski and Jenny Waley/Diane Merrick Joplin Missions Trip

Youth Sunday 2011 – What we do at Youth Group

Youth Group 2010 – The Mission Trip

Chelsea Richner & Samantha Crane’s testimonies

Chelsea Callari, Marissa McCarthy, Brielle Clontz and Theresa Commins testimonies

Kristie Kibby’s testimony

Jackie Luckoski’s testimony